1. Are there promo codes and how to use them?

Yes we have promo code periodically and you can find them on our Social media account - twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… The codes are only redeemable on Amazon as our products are available on Amazon only.

2. Why do your product pages direct to Amazon?

We are an Amazon base store and our current sale channel is through Amazon.

3. Why are your microfiber products missing thread count?

Thread count are used today as marketing hype, as there is only so much thread you can fit in per square inch of fabric. When companies strive for the 1000 thread count, they are using thinner thread result in higher count but lowering the lifespan of your product. While others twist multiple thread into one so doubling or tripling the count but resulting in a heavier and less breathable product. As honest seller we tend to stay away from these false claims. All in all what ultimately determine the quality of the bedding product is the way in which the fabric is weaved and material used.

4. Can I get email notifications on your promotions and new products information?

Simply sign up for our newsletter and check our social media channel, and you will get the latest deals.

5. Who should I contact if I have questions about the product before purchasing?

We have a dedicated team of customer service representative who are on standby to assist with whatever issue you have with our product or service. We encourage customer and visitor to our site to contact our support team if there is any issue. We don’t bite.

6. What do I do if I don’t like the product?

Simply return the product with the 30 days return policy - which is in accordance to Amazon return policy. There will be no question asked.

7. Do you have physical stores?

No, we do not have a physical location so we do not need to have any additional cost to add to our products. And in doing so and selling through Amazon we are able to pass the saving directly on you the customer and bring you quality products at an affordable price.

8. Will you offer other goods and expand your product line?

We are still a growing company, so we are actively expanding our product line and have great plan down the road for the brand. With that said we are open to any suggestion that you as a customer would like us to carry and offer. Feel free to email us.